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The beauty is in the construction of the fabric at the mill level, to support the eventual 800-fill-power goose down insulation. The baffles that contain the down are bonded into the fabric itself, so there is no need for exterior stitching, keeping the surface of the fabric completely smooth.

Our Promise

We've spent years seeking out the best organic bases for our products. We we're tired of second-rate, unhealthy products so we made our own solution. We like to think of ourselves as partners with you. If you have a suggestion or feedback, reach out to us.


We stand firm in the belief that natural ingredients are a key in producing toxin-free, high quality products.


All of our bottles are created from composted seashells. Not only is each bottle sustainable, but they are also unique!

Award Winning

We are proud to say that Chelsea has been awarded the prestigious Medal of Excellence from a very important organization.

100% Organic

For our team, organic is the only way. We seek an alternative to harmful chemical products of the cosmetic industry. Our essential oils, creams, and makeup products are all sourced from organic farms in Europe and North America.